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When it comes to concealers and correctors finding the right shade, coverage level, formula and the way of application can really be life changing. Some people are searching for “the one” but you can’t really expect from one product to make your skin look flawlessly covered but natural and leave your delicate under eye area fresh and non-heavy at the same time. In this case, you really have to have options. So today I’m going to share with you my top picks for every job I need done.


Under eye corrector – is a must if you suffer from bad dark circles like me. The salmony (for fair skin) and orangey (for dark skin) shades counteract those blue hues like nothing else. The Bobbi Brown Corrector (I have the shade Light Bisque) is the winner when it comes to shade range AND texture. It’s full coverage but very creamy at the same time. I apply a light layer with my finger and then buff it in with a damp Beauty Blender. It instantly makes my blue circles disappear without feeling heavy in the slightest and it never creases when I follow it with a light concealer and set it with powder.

Under eye concealer – even when I used a corrector beforehand, I almost always use a brightening concealer afterwards. I’ve raved about the Maybelline Eraser Eye a few times already and I still think it’s the best. I also blend it out with the Beauty Blender and it leaves such a natural looking glowy finish it’s impossible to tell I’ve just layered two products. It has a very light, almost gel like texture and the shade 01 Light (the yellowed toned one) is perfect for brightening the under eye area and counteracting the always-there redness on the top of my cheeks.

Spot concealer – pin point concealing became so much easier when the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette has come into my life two years ago. It is all I want from a spot concealer. It’s full coverage but also moisturising so it doesn’t accentuate dry skin around blemishes, doesn’t move around and stays in place the whole day and it lets me mix the perfect shade (mostly mix of NC15 and NC20). I have it in ‘Light’ and ‘Medium’ (mostly for clients).

All rounder – sometimes when I’m not in a mood to use 3 different products just for concealing and want a quick fix, something like Origins Plantscription concealer comes in very handy. I won’t get the 100% flawless look out of it but it comes close. It’s more targeted for the under eye area so it does a very good job hiding those circles but because it’s also long lasting, it covers spots really well too. I use the shade 01 Light that’s perfect for me in summer but sadly, almost impossible to use in winter.

Multi-tasker for the no-makeup makeup look – remember my 5 product face? I always reach for the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer when I don’t want to use foundation at all. It’s medium coverage, has a very natural finish and the formula blends so well it almost disappears.

What would your picks be for each category?

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3 thoughts on “Best concealers for everything

  1. Nathalie Agnes

    Great post! :) I *love* the maybelline eraser eye concealer, unfortunately it’s no longer available where I live. I’ve been using the MAC pro longwear instead but I don’t like it as much…

    1. Peter

      Have you tried the Maybelline FiT Me? I have to say I was really impressed by it. It’s great for undereye area, but not so great on spots

      1. zuzka Post author

        No I haven’t because of the colour choice! Sadly, even the lightest shade looks too dark on me. But I want to buy some for my mua kit :)

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