Empties #1

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I believe there’s no better time to look back at the product again and seriously gather your thoughts on it than after you used it up completely. Just like there’s not a stronger sign of your love than repurchasing the product again and again! So yeah, today it’s gonna be all about empty products I’ve collected over the last few months and putted together. It’s rather a mix of skincare, nail stuff and makeup so I hope everyone finds something interesting in there.

La Roche Posay Serozinc – is one of those cult products everyone either tried or wants to get their hands on as soon as possible. It’s really hyped up and rightfully so. This zinc sulfate helps to calm the skin after cleansing and fights infections. Suitable mainly for normal to oily skin as it’s a bit drying but you’re supposed to use a moisturiser after anyway. It’s been part of my daily skincare routine for about year and a half now and have gone through multiple bottles.
verdict – got 2 new bottles already stashed and will get more this summer in France. Can’t get enough!

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover – is a very standard bi-phased (two coloured – oil and water) makeup remover. I really like it and I think it’s as good as all of the more expensive versions I’ve tried so far. It does a great job taking off my waterproof mascara a doesn’t sting my eyes. Not much more to say here.
verdict – I have a next bottle opened but it’s the last one and I will probably try something else then

Bioderma Crealine H20 – a HG product. I’ve gone through litres of this stuff and I will probably never stop using it. I love it so much I have no need to try any other micellar waters out there. It just takes my makeup off so easily and is so gentle to my sensitive skin I really can’t be bothered with buying anything else.
verdict – 2 500ml bottles waiting in my bathroom drawer

Essie ‘Blanc’ – it looks like a full bottle on the image above but I swear it isn’t. The product inside reaches just to the tip of the brush so it’s virtually useless. But I know it’s hard to believe that I finished up a nail polish! It seems like an impossible think to do. ‘Blanc’ is just a simple white nail polish that I’ve used as a base for nail art for about million times. It’s good but not great and you still doesn’t get an even application after 2 coats.
verdict – I have two other white polishes in my collection right now so I don’t think this one is so special I would buy it anytime soon

OPI Original Nail Envy – was a miracle worker. It made my nails stay peel free and strong like nothing else I’ve tried. It lasted me 2 years but got very very gloopy recently I decided to trash it and buy a new one. Too bad they not only changed the sticker on the bottle but also the formula it seems. It does nothing for me now. My nails are chipping under nail polishes and it makes me really really angry ’cause the new bottle costed me 30 euros.
verdict – I repurchased it but got very very disappointed and will never do that again

Clinique High Impact Mascara – is one of my favourite mascaras ever. This was my second or third tube. It does a great job volumising and doesn’t flake (that’s my biggest problem with cheaper mascaras).
verdict – definitely will repurchase again in the future after I finish up a few others

Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof – THE BEST waterproof mascara I’ve tried. Volumising, lengthening, holds the curl and no flaking. Too bad the waterproof version isn’t sold where I live.
verdict – I will buy a few of them once I’m abroad

Benefit Gimme Brow – is my holy grail tinted brow gel. I use the darker shade and it’s the perfect colour for my brows. It gives them super defined look and holds them in place all day.
verdict – repurchased already

What products have you used up recently? Are they so good you will repurchase?

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