If you buy one thing: Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip balm

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Hello everybody! Hope you had a great sunny weekend and a pleasant start of the new week. Today I have a very quick review (or rave?) for you. It’s all about a lip balm I fell head over heels for very recently. Like big time… I’m talking about this little blue tube of heavenly goodness from Clarins.

The full name is Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm With essential rose wax. It also contains mineral oil as its main ingredient and a few other moisturising agents like shea butter and seeds oils. It has a very light pink tint but shows absolutely clear once on the lips. There’s also a tiniest hint of a rose scent that disappears after few minutes. FYI, I usually hate scented lip balms but it’s so mild I really don’t mind it in this case. For the packaging, the squeezy tube and its slanted applicator provides a very easy and hygienic application. It looks glossy on the lips but not overly oily and stays put for about 2-3 hours.

It’s advertised to promote immediate comfort, hydration, protection and to enhance lip beauty. And surprisingly that’s exactly what it does! Considering I have naturally very dry, chapped and sensitive lips, lip balm is a must for me. I’ve tried out a huge amount but hands down, this is the best I’ve tried. EVER. I use it every night and before lipstick when I’m doing my makeup (or once a day if I’m not wearing any) and it’s all I need. My lips are perfectly hydrated all day, never sore and even when I get a few flakes every now and then, they are really superficial. And did I mention you can use it under other lip products without any slipping? Makes wearing matte lipsticks a hell lot easier. All in all, it’s a keeper and believe me, you have to check it out if you haven’t already!

What’s your favourite lip balm you couldn’t live without? Have you tried the Clarins Moisture Replenishing lip balm yourself? What do you think?

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