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MAC counter is one of my favourite places to browse and shop. I’ve been there couple of times in the last few weeks (unsuccessfully trying to catch one lip liner in stock) and ended up buying a few other things. Both for personal use and my makeup artist kit. For now I decided to show you what I’ve picked up (mostly!) for myself. It’s a mix of repurchases, stuff I’ve been eyeing for ages and a few items I’ve bought on a whim.

To get that big bottle out of the way first, I’m gonna start with the Brush cleanser. This is probably my third or fourth bottle and I’m still enjoying it. It’s not only perfect for spot cleaning but I also love using it to get the majority of creamy products and stubborn stains out of my brushes before deep cleanse with a shampoo/soap/whatever.

The Face And Body Foundation is a makeup artist cult favourite and I often use it on clients, so my own bottle of the shade ‘C1′ was a long time coming purchase. As everyone’s skin is different and I’ve never really got around to try it properly on mine, I’m quite excited. The shade looks a smidgen too dark but hey, summer’s coming and hopefully, so does a bit of tan…

The next thing I’ve picked up is the Fluidline gel eyeliner in ‘Blacktrack’. I’ve heard it’s as good as the Bobbi Brown or Inglot ones, which I like but they are harder to get hold of, so I decided to give MAC a try. The swatch I did in the store stayed on my hand for hours and I had to use a waterproof makeup remover to actually get it all off so I guess so far so good.

Remember that originally, I went to the store for a lip liner? Well, apparently ‘Edge to Edge’ is becoming the next ‘Soar’ as it’s always out of stock. But, speaking of the Lip Pencil in ‘Soar’, that’s exactly what I’ve bought instead. I kind of got the feeling that I HAVE TO HAVE it because everyone’s crazy about it and the shop assistant was so happy they finally stocked up on them. You’ve been there too, right? (please?)

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve picked up the Cream Color Base in ‘Pearl’. I love a good multi-purpose product and this one looks just gorgeous. I think it will be perfect as a cream highlight but also as a nice pearly eyeshadow base. Anyway, I’m definitely keeping you posted how we’re getting on!

Have you tried any on these products? I’m curious if you like them. And what’s your recent MAC purchase?

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7 thoughts on “MAC Haul

    1. zuzka Post author

      Oh really? It has about 4.2/5 rating on makeup alley because almost everyone loves it but a few break out after using it! So I guess you’re the unlucky one :/. I hope I won’t get a similar reaction and you neither after trying out another one from mac :)

  1. Tasha

    I’ve heard amazing things about Blacktrack – a lot of people swear by it! As for Soar, I’d love to get my hands on it but I haven’t even been able to swatch it! One day…

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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