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After I bought my first MAC eyeshadow quad more than 2 months ago and used it properly several times, I was hooked. Like seriously hooked. I even have a neverending list of those I want to try out pinned on my macbook’s dashboard. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when my boyfriend took me to Vienna exactly 2 weeks ago (on my birthday) to customise my second quad as one of the birthday gifts from him.

macpalette#2.4Woodwinked | Sable | Sumptuous Olive | Cranberry

As my last palette was full of neutrals I wanted to make this more special, colourful and autumny. And I can say – mission accomplished!
I chose these 4 shades. I’m no expert on those different finishes of MAC eyeshadows (like velvet, veluxe pearl etc.) but all four of them are shimmery and have the same buttery texture.

  • Woodwinked – is a warm browny gold which tends to look a little bit orangey in the crease. It’s one of those miracle shades which look different packed on the lid and blended out so it seems you made more effort doing your makeup than you actually did. I tend to wear it in a combination with the “Naked 2″ from UD Naked Basics palette. I sweep Woodwinked all across the eyelid and into the crease and then Naked 2 in the crease as well the to cool the outer edges down a little bit.
  • Sable – is really hard to describe. It looks bronzy and golden and plumy at the same time. Because of that it’s one of the most flexible eyeshadows I own. You can wear it on its own, paired with darker colour in the outer V and in the crease or as a crease colour in a colourful smokey eye.
  • Sumptuous Olive – is an olive – no surprise there. It’s the perfect colour to use for an autumn smokey eye look. Packed on the lid, Sable in and over the crease, darkest brown/black in the outer V in a cat eye shape = absolutely gorgeous.
  • Cranberry – is again, just a cranberry coloured eyeshadow. I haven’t found many ways to wear it in those 2 weeks, except the same way as Sumptuous Olive – in a colourful, nighttime, smokey eye look. But it’s even more stunning than the olive smokey eye!

In conclusion, I won’t exaggerate when I tell you that I love this palette more than anything in my makeup collection. I’m so happy I chose these 4 shades and I wouldn’t switch any of them.

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