Three new long lasting blush formulas

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Do you remember my post I did earlier this year all about best blush formulas out there? Well I think I need to do a little update on the subject as I got my hands on a few great pieces in the last couple of months. Even though the formulas are completely different they have much in common and are definitely worth mentioning.

Stila Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush
It’s no secret that Stila makes the best cream blushes ever. That’s why I was really excited to try the new-ish Aqua Glow liquids. I decided to pick up the shade “Water Lily”, a gorgeous warm pink with golden shimmer running through it. The texture really is quite fluid and a bit gel-like but it’s also surprisingly very well pigmented. The best way to apply it is to pick up a very little product (preferably from the lid) with a smaller stippling brush and buff it in lightly. Despite being quite shimmery in the pan it looks absolutely natural on the skin and would last even through an apocalypse. It truly doesn’t budge even after 12 hours and my cheeks still look so nice and fresh.
PS: Speaking from an experience, don’t try to store it on it’s side ;)

ColourPop Satin Blush
When I got a chance to order a few ColourPop eyeshadows (more on that later) I decided to try one of their blushes as well. The shade “Fox” is a great coral pink and has the same weird texture as the eyeshadows. It’s neither powder nor cream but kind of spongey and soft. It’s not very pigmented but transfers very well on the skin and looks like a I’m blushing naturally from within. It’s absolutely undetectable and stays on for a very reasonable time. It’s no Aqua Glow but I can easily get about 8-9 hours wear out of it. And application-wise, I found out the best way is to use either my fingers or a cheek brush with natural bristles.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
And here comes my newest and most wanted addition from my american beauty haul. Not only is “Tipsy” the most beautiful bright coral shade ever, the powder texture that isn’t powdery at all looks absolutely stunning on the cheeks. It is quite mildly pigmented so I need to layer it a bit but I don’t mind in the slightest. It still lets my skin to shine through nicely and the lasting power is also exceptional. I can get awesome 9-10 hours of wear without any flakiness. So it’s no surprise it has been my most used powder blush in the last couple of weeks and there are already a few more shades on my shopping list.

What’s your favourite type of blushes? Do you like to experiment with creams and liquids or do you stay true to powders?

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  1. Tasha

    Aaaah, I love these three formulas as well! I recently got Stila Shimmering Lotus and am already loving it, it’s perfect for the upcoming warmer weather here! I have a feeling I am going to need to pick up Tipsy when I’m in the US!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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