Two MAC shadows I use for more than just eyes

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Who doesn’t love a good makeup multi-tasker, am I right? There’s something weirdly satisfying about products you can use for multiple purposes. You know, bronzer as the crease colour or lipstick instead of a blush type of thing. Well, I realised I have two MAC eyeshadows in my daily makeup collection that I use on other areas of my face more than my actual eyelids.

MAC ‘Mystery‘ is a dark, completely cool toned taupe brown (according to MAC website also with plumy undertones). And it’s the perfect shade for my eyebrows. It has no reddish tones in it whatsoever and the pigmentation is unbelievable. I take just the tiniest bit on my angled brush and apply the majority of the product in tiny strokes from center to the tail of my brows. Then I use what’s left on the brush to fill in the front part. The other thing I love about this shade is that I can make my brows as bold or natural as I want them to be with just one colour. Plus thanks to its satin finish, it never looks too powdery.
BTW, previously I used ‘Espresso’ but sometimes it just looked too brown on my very grey brows. So if you need that hint of chocolate tone, Espresso would be better match for you.

MAC ‘Omega‘ is a muted beige taupe shade. It’s also one of the most popular eyebrow shades for blonds and lighter brunettes. But the one thing it does best for me is contouring. I tried it after I saw Karima using it one of her videos. And it worked for me as well! It has great amount of taupey coolness in it so it mimics shadows really well but also enough yellow tones to look natural on my skin tone.
I don’t use it everyday but it’s my product of choice when I have the time to actually contour my face properly and look really put together. I apply it with a small fluffy brush, something like Zoeva Luxe Highlight, under my cheekbones, around the hairline and jaws and on the sides of my nose.
I know MAC eyeshadows are not very cheap, but ‘Omega’ is really pigmented so you don’t need much and considering there are not many good contouring shades out there, I really don’t mind using this little pan for it.

What about you? Do you use eyeshadows for anything else than eyes? What are your favourite multitaskers?

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