What’s in my bag – Le Pliage Edition

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I bet you’re as nosy as I am and you love to see what’s in other women’s handbags! As I really enjoy reading/watching these types of posts/videos I decided to do one myself. Obviously, the content of my bag depends on the size of the one I want to wear and the current season too. So today it’s gonna be about my summer favourite, a beautiful coral Longchamp Le Pliage small tote.

Let’s start with the non-beauty stuff. It’s summer so naturally I can’t go wandering outside without sunnies. Right now I’m deeply in love with my newest purchase, the Ray-Ban CATS 1000 in tortoise brown. The second glasses I need to take with me are my Paul Frank prescription glasses which I need mainly for driving and watching TV. Then, of course, a wallet. Mine is a small black leather & gold one from Michael Kors. I love it cause it’s small enough to fit in my tiny crossbody handbags but has lots of space. Oh and a pen! You never know when you’re gonna need a pen. This one is from NARS and I got it during my MUA training so I’m carrying it also as a little reminder of great times.

The next category is travel hygiene. I hate the feeling of dirty, sticky hands so I always have to carry tissues, wet wipes (my favourite are the orange ones from Lidl) and a hand sanitizer from The Body Shop .

When it comes to cosmetics, I can’t leave the house without some Shiseido zmatňujúce papieriky for my always dry hands. Recently I fell in love with The Body Shop’s “Frosted Cranberry” range so I carry not only a cream but also a small perfume. Funny thing is it was a Christmas limited edition but I find it to be the perfect summer scent as it’s fresh and fruity. (But that also means you can probably get hold of it only in outlets now.) Another thing perfect for summer is the Avene Thermal Water Spray which is super refreshing and calming during hot days. And of course my trusty old Shiseido Blotting Papers.
The rest of the small stuff I keep in my gorgeous pink YSL bag that came as a gift with purchase. It holds the Clarins lip balm, a lipstick that I’m wearing that day (today it’s the MAC Crosswires lipstick), Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter for my dry cuticles and a few ibuprofens.

Oh and last but not least I can’t forget about sweets! I can’t go anywhere without at least one and right now I’m enjoying a pack of Skittles.

What about you? What’s always in your handbag?

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