Wish list for my birthday

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So it’s my birthday in less than two weeks… And of course I’ve been wish listing in my head for what seems like forever. But today I decided to put together some things that I would love to get wether it’s for my birthday or something that I’ll buy later myself. There’s a bit of cosmetics, accessories and also a few random things thrown into the mix.

Starting with beauty, I’ve been eyeing the 1. Charlote Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette for what feels like forever. I would get it much sooner but the shipping on all of the websites that stock CT is ridiculous. But I really can’t be without it anymore and birthday is a great excuse for that extra cash for delivery.
On the other hand, 2. Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes are finally available here in Slovakia. Of course there has to be catch and I can get only the 4 older shades but Peach Pop still looks like the best companion for my beloved Plum Pop anyway.

Next I have two fashion bits I would love to get in the next few weeks. I absolutely adore every single thing from my little Swarovski accessories collection and the 3. Daphne Layered Necklace would be a perfect new addition.
Then there’s this gorgeous 4. Coccinelle Tote Bag that I’ve been obsessed with recently. Actually I don’t have any larger tote handbag besides my colourful Longchamps so I guess I really NEED this leather tote in a neutral colour.

Moving to the last two kinda random things on my list, is there any beauty addict who wouldn’t want to read the 5. Lisa Eldridge’s Face Paint Book? I was super excited when I heard the news and I will definitely try to get it ASAP after it’s out.
And because I’m starting a full time job in November it looks I have a now or never situation over here with the 6. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor PS4 Game. I love LOTR world and fantasy RPGs so I guess this seems like an inevitable purchase.

Do you have a wish list of things you would love to get in autumn? Is there anything you just have to have?

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